Web SMS Software

Steile SMS is an extremely easy to use and sophisticated Web SMS despatching software system, and a quality tool for communication and advertisement.


Some of the product's features are highlighted below:

  • Ability to handle SMS text as long as 960 characters (long SMS).

  • Ability to define the sender ID (either as the name of a company or a mobile number).

  • Instant or scheduled message delivery.

  • Ability to organize recipients in groups, and to send personalized messages to each group.

  • Ability to import recipients from Excel documents and to export the list of recipients to an Excel document.

  • Real time delivery reports and wrong number notification. The software keeps a full record of all errors, which can be downloaded as an Excel file.

  • Coverage of all areas in Cyprus (Cytamobile-Vodafone and MTN networks).


A screencast to wet your apetite