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Send Cyprus SMS to your customers or associates using the best sms software in the market, and at the lowest sms rates available anywhere in Cyprus!

Web SMS functionality? YES!

Our solution runs on the web! You import your mobile contacts, sort them into various sms groups, and click send SMS by using the web! Discover how easy and convient your life can be by using the web sms functionality to send SMS to Cyprus and abroad.

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ShortURL is now provided!

Short URL is usefull when you want to include a url on an SMS but you don't want to include a huge link. So basically you shorting the URL by generating one here!

Example: instead of pasting this long url:
You can use this short URL which when clicked you will be redirected to the same page:

Do you need advanced SMS functionality?

Our company is now able to set scheduled SMS alerts and notifications for your website's visitors per day, backup sms notifications of beginning and ending, server/website online status, email to sms alerts and many many more!

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How to Send Bulk SMS to Cyprus


 Bulk SMS Cyprus with prices... the cheapest!

SMS Volume for Cyprus

Price / SMS



Total inc. VAT

500 SMS





1000 SMS





5000 SMS





10000 SMS





50000 SMS





SMS STOP Functionality!

We are proud to announce our latest feature, SMS STOP. Your customers can easily call 800XXXXX number and will unsubscribe for free!

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API Support

Do you want to use your application to send sms with our service?

Please check out our API Docs for more information on using our service for your apps.