The Service

Steile SMS is a service used by individuals and businesses who wish to send mass short text messages (SMS) to mobile phones in Cyprus.


Mass short text messages can facilitate instant communication at a very low price, and can be used for:

  • Advertisement: Product and service promotions, special offer or discount notifications, invitations, greeting cards, etc.

  • Communication: Product availability SMS notifications, SMS order confirmation and monitoring, SMS account status despatches, etc.

  • Notification: Notify your customers with an SMS to come pickup their dry cleaning clothes or that their stuff have been repaired.

  • Authentication: Send an SMS to with valid 2 minute password to authenticate the transaction, see our SMS API for more information on how to integrate your systems, CRM, Alerts, IOT, and other.
  • Reminders: Remind people with an SMS to pickup their stuff, or even remind them to attend the event they RSVP for.
  • Utility: Use it on your system, make Alerts from Security Cameras or IOT Projects through our SMS API using our REST HTTP API .


SMS is the way to go, fast; engaging; reaching many people at the same time.

SteileSMS offers significant advantages over competing offerings, such as lower cost, quality support, and intuitive software.